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Casts may be seen in the tubules, pills esp)ecially those of the medullary portion, in which position the parenchymatous changes already described are generally but slightly The explanations ofTered for the origin of the kidney of pregnancy are varied and in a measure largely speculative. Few, we think, who could have watched this case for weeks together w ould have doubted that these symptoms, the extraordinary as they were, had for their original cause the suppression of the menses. When the disease is primary "india" only one gland is usually attacked: if secondary, the reverse. Association, and so ably presented by our by sections: chennai. Once embedded in online their matrix their forms are modified, as shown by Orde, and probably no longer have to do with the general outlines of calculi, only inasmuch as they may or may not supersaturate a nucleus to such an extent that it will not adhere to other nuclei. A more popular theory was that which explained and aided by the celebrated experiments advanced of Claude Bernard and by the clinical conclusions of numerous observers, this theory long had adherents. Ernest Bashford, the general superintendent, in his report stated that the results of the investigations made during the past three years of the fund's existence in spontaneous of development of cancer in human beings had led to an alteration in the details of the work.


If there is much conjunctivitis, I prescribe a solution of four grains of sulphate of morphia, and half a grain of sulphate use of copper or zinc, to the ounce of water, dropped into the eye three times a day. Of these, one had to deep ulcers with red swollen edges on both processus vocales; this case recovered under general treatment.

Up to this time the patient had experienced little or no pain except during the night; but, contrary to my instructions, he had been moving about with the aid of his crutches: what. He would warn against the danger of heat, which increased with the rise of the temperature; he had been led to this conclusion 100mg by certain experiments upon the lower animals.

It was noteworthy not because it brought anything new on the well-worn subject, but by its absolute"conservatism." After nearly a generation has passed, since it was in proved that migraine is caused by eyestrain and can be cured by glasses, the author of the article preferred the novel theory, that faulty secretions of some yet to be determined glands are the real causes of the disease. The act is easily performed by them, but the reason that we seldom see it is due to the fact that these animals are not easily nauseated: effects. It is a clear, liquid extract, having an agreeable taste, and unlike the thick, heavy malt preparations does not cloy the palate, but is well tolerated even in cases of marked disturbances of the stomach (price). Here buy for a time it undergoes no change. The opening as found in the first preparation which he posterior portion of a works small dipression on the membra- i ua tympani, and a little behind the process of the malleus, a very small canal, in which was perceived, although very indistinctly, a punctiforra opening.