The upper limit of sensory disturbance must be sought in the arms, dosing for the thoracic level in cases of cervical lesion remains constant at the second or third rib, corresponding to the distribution of the descending branches from the cervical plexus.

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A few moments of over exertion during this stage may very much increase adverse the gravity of the prognosis. Two years after the development of phosphorus necrosis of the upj)er jaw on the leftside the left mastoid began to be painful, and, finally, about a year later, interactions pain in the ear was felt in addition to the mastoid pain, and finally the ear discharged some foul muco-pus. SECONDARY drug DEGENERATION, ASCENDING AND DESCENDING. The first principle which I wish you to consider is one I have named the" law of ligaments." No ligament is ever used for the continuous support of any joint or part; that is true of the of the browsing ox or in front of the hip of the standing man, and vou will find the muscles are in a state of contraction; they are saving the ligaments from strain (with).

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