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Botticher, a release schoolmate of Dr. Indeed it might seem unnecessary to dwell upon these dose matters upon which sanitarians are agreed, were it not that public indifference to this subject indicates lamentable ignorance, although for two generations the gospel of public sanitation has been preached to this city by its health officers and others.

He shows too that many of these hospitals are situated in large cities er and the patients do well even when their only outing is in a city square. If, then, the discharge is so powerful as to reduce the inflamed state pregnancy of this part, it must, at the same time, both by drawing the fluids to the interior of the body, and at once discharging them, as it were, wholesale, rapidly produce a shrinking of the features and a haggard countenance. Being so persistent and to such a degree as to bring on muscular inertia and chronic constipation: for. The rejoicings in the Heister household over the birth of a son were undoubtedly amplified by you and commingled with the noisy celebration of the escape of Christendom from the Moslem danger. Pare revived the ligature, price which, although it had been suggested, and probably adopted in a few cases several centuries before, had been forgotten or abandoned by his immediate predecessors. He had not perhaps the imagination of does one, nor the style of another, nor the dispassionate judgment of another.

We need hardly add that there was not a shadow of suspicion attaching daily to Dr.

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