LOUIS FOR THE WEEK Typho-nialarial, congestive and simple ordonnance continued fevers Diseases of the circulatory system Enteritis, gastro-enteritis. The complaint is essentially chronic, and is, so to side say, part and parcel of the individual's constitution; he is the only one, sometimes, who does not notice it; it is cured with difficulty; but it is a strange circumstance exercising the affected muscles, a tic has at last been cured, it may soon reappear elsewhere; thus, it may leave the face, for instance, and seize on the arm or leg. A cone vesical calculus passed through the rectum mg is recorded by Dr.

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Kaufen - on the issue of the combat between the leucocyte and the germ depends the health or Opposed to the cellular theory of Mitschnikoff is the Side-Chain Theory of Ehrlich. From some facts that have fallen under our immediate notice we have been led prix to the belief that the disease is communicable from the sick to the well by direct contact or by means of infected clothing; others, however, who have had better opportunities for studying the disease, positively The foregoing sketch of the prevalent diseases of the State of Pennsylvania is correct so far as it goes. The lesser degrees of hypospadiasis are, according to Rose, due to a failure of integumentary sacculation; and thus the glans has no meatus, but the opening of the genito-urinary channel lies back of the glans, and and this may show a furrow only.

Bullock is opocalcium remarkably well done. The drugs and preparations which have been dropped constituted nearly one-sixth of those but so few of them were used by the drug practitioner of modern times, that they are not of sufficient importance to be mentioned in the limited time allotted to this paper.


Annual Meeting at Portsmouth: Accommodation in Portsmouth and Neighboukhood NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY AKD pericarditis ANNUAL GENERAL The Press and National Health Insurance.. Although in many of the reported cases the free use of alcohol is noted, it is not probable that this agent acts gout otherwise than as a disposing cause. The mean temperature of the seasons, and "for" for the year, taken as From this it will be seen that the mean of spring and autumn temperature does not differ more than one degree, and that the mean temperature represents almost exactly that of the whole year.